Next Generation
Security Intelligence and Assurance Platform

Cloud-based, next generation security information and event
monitoring platform for MSPs

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Built exclusively for MSPs

Grow your business by increasing your billable rates and recurring revenue.

  • Seamlessly manage your customer growth with the next generation, SaaS-based SIEM solution.
  • Keep your costs down and pay as you go. No upfront costs, annual contracts or perpetual licensing fees.
  • Real-time threat detection assures quality service delivery to maintain your customer base.

Powerful Event Correlation Engine

With event chaining and complex evet processing capabilities of correlation engine advanced attacks can be easily detected.

  • Real-time event processing engine manages complex correlation definitions.
  • Significantly reduce false positives with correlation event chaining.
  • Intuitive, browser-based user interface (UI) for correlation definition eliminates complicated procedures such as script writing.

High Performance NxSIEM Architecture

Rapid detection and remediation powered by intuitive analysis, reporting and end-to-end management.

  • Continuous log monitoring and behavioral anomaly detection identifies emerging threats.
  • Powerful in-depth analysis provides insightful reporting.
  • Multi-tenant architecture saves you time by managing multiple customers deployments.
  • Prevent APTs and zero-day attacks with cloud security intelligence from organization-wide network logs.

Looking to grow your MSP business?

Comodo NxSIEM Cloud is the right choice for you

One of the biggest questions facing many MSPs today is how to grow the business. One way is to grow is with services that command higher billable rates, like Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services. SIEM enables security teams to collect correlate and analyze information from across data silos to detect and respond to threats. Broad adoption of SIEM is driven by the need to detect breaches and meet compliance requirements. And while large enterprises are moving toward cloud security, there is no single cloud-based SIEM that has been built with MSPs in mind until now.

The Comodo NxSIEM Cloud Platform is the ideal solution for MSPs that want to provide security services to clients that may not have the resources or infrastructure to do so. By accelerating the identification and remediation of your client’s security issues, you will assure their service delivery and lower their risk and costs. For MSPs, you will significantly increase your billable rates without upfront costs, annual contracts or perpetual licensing fees—simply pay for what you use and keep costs predictable.

Comodo Supports MSP Consortium
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  • Add value
  • Grow your business
  • Exchange skills