NxSIEM Cloud

What is Comodo NxSIEM Cloud?

Comodo NxSIEM Cloud is cloud hosted feature-rich SIEM solution that is designed especially for MSPs.

Comodo NxSIEM offers advanced correlation, custom report, dashboard and query creation features to enable end to end network security visibility.

Why Comodo NxSIEM Cloud?

Comodo NxSIEM Cloud is designed for MSP and MSSPs and based on high level expertise of Comodo. There are many benefits of using NxSIEM cloud:

  • Use a solution that is designed for you
  • Use Comodo expertise when needed
  • Offer best quality to your customers while reducing costs
  • Pay as your business grows. Enjoy benefits of big data infrastructure like high performance on huge data or massive scalability.

Who is NxSIEM Cloud For?

Comodo NXSIEM Cloud is for MSPs and enterprises that prefer low-cost high quality cloud software as a service, backed by Comodo expertise. Comodo NxSIEM Cloud offers a great opportunity for MSPs that are seeking ways to grow their business by providing security services to their customers. Enterprises who are looking for a top level SIEM solution are also welcome, we deliver security services and managed SIEM solutions customized for your needs.

Comodo NxSIEM Cloud;

  • Identifies network threats in real time by capturing and analyzing device logs across the network
  • Enables quick forensics by storing and retrieving all device log data
  • Provides single pane of glass for uniform log and event reporting across multiple devices using highly visual dashboard tools
  • Correlates log events from multiple network devices and report only on high priority network breaches, reduce the number false positives, and save administrative time
  • Facilitates internal and external compliance reporting.


  • Scalable and reliable solution based entirely on big data technology
  • Multi-tenancy support for both MSSPs and customers
  • Cloud based cost effective solution for MSSPs and MSPs
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Rapid search and real time Correlation
  • Customizable dashboards and Auto-Query



  • 7*24 security monitoring and incident handling
  • Support from top-notch security analysts