Next Generation SIEMOn-premises Deployment

NxSIEM from Comodo

What is Comodo NxSIEM?

Comodo NxSIEM is the on-premise version of NxSIEM Cloud which is a powerful and feature rich SIEM solution that offers advanced correlation, custom report, dashboard and query creation features to enable end to end network security visibility.

Comodo NxSIEM has all features and capabilities of NxSIEM cloud, that is hosted on the customer's servers.

Who is Comodo NxSIEM for?

Comodo NXSIEM is a next generation SIEM solution based on Big Data.Comodo NxSIEM is an ideal SIEM for MSPs, MSSPs and all enterprises looking for gaining a holistic view of organization’s or customer's information technology (IT) security and do not prefer to send their logs to cloud environment.

  • Fast Time to Value

    NxSIEM is a software only system that does not require appliances to collect, forward or analyze logs. Comodo NxSIEM platform can be deployed on different operating systems and supports wide range of devices, protocols and systems.

    Our system is designed for rapidly generating value for our customers; in fact it takes couple of hours to start collecting logs, correlating events and generating alerts on Comodo NxSIEM.

  • Intuitive Browser Based UI

    Comodo NxSIEM's simple and user friendly interfaces helps you to find your way even in complex definitions like advanced correlation rules or extended event queries. We made every effort to fulfill the requirements and yet be simple and fast.

    Browser based single UI makes it easy to configure, control and manage all aspects of the system centrally. Comodo NxSIEM is designed for you to have the best user experience from a SIEM solution.

  • Reduced Costs

    Collecting and retaining huge amount of logs and obtaining meaningful and quality information from them, that leads risk mitigation or attack prevention is a time consuming and costly task. Comodo NxSIEM offers great cost reduction in this process and in network and information security by providing

    1. Ease of deployment
    2. Agentless collection
    3. Ease of management and simplified UI
    4. Rapid, flexible and long term search and report generation for forensic analysis
    5. Prevent business interruption, data loss or leakage due to security breaches or malicious activity.
  • Out-of-the-box correlation definitions, dashboards, queries and reports

    Comodo NxSIEM provides predefined correlation definitions, reports, queries and dashboards for you to immediately begin getting results or customizing for a specific purpose. These predefined assets leads to quick and easy usage of the software enabling rapid learning.